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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

apa maksud immunity???
When you have an immunity to something, it means that your body can fight that disease or infection without you knowing it.
When you get sick, your body is fighting off a disease and you feel symptoms depending on what that illness is.
Being immune to a disease means that your body is able to kill the germs without causing any symptoms.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Your grandma couldn’t have been more right when she repeatedly bombarded you with this old cliché when you were a kid. Certain food products, including apples, have a lot of minerals and nutrients that help improve our immune systems. By stuffing your body with these healthy foods, you are sure to have a stronger body that can fend off viruses and infections.

Ever wonder why Bugs Bunny almost never gets sick? It’s probably because of all the carrots he’s eating. This vegetable has tons of beta carotene—a strong phytonutrient that increases the production of infection-fighting cells in our immune systems. It is best to eat carrots fresh and raw. Instead of snacking on a candy bar, try to eat some baby carrots instead.

Aside from providing benefits for your libido, oysters are also an excellent source of zinc. This element is crucial for cells to function and it is one of the best in terms of boosting our immune systems. Just always remember that as with all things, too much zinc will also have some negative side effects on your body. Try to limit yourself to one serving of oysters every now and again.

The thiosulfinates, aioene, and allicin found in garlic are powerful compounds that facilitate in the body’s battle against infections. Be wary of consuming too much garlic as you definitely don’t want to end up smell like garlic bread. Adding some fresh ones to your pasta sauce should suffice.

It is a fact that our bodies also need certain types of bacteria to function effectively. An example of which would be lactobacillus acidophilus—a substance present in yogurt. This bacteria helps the body digest food by producing lactic acids. Eat low-fat yogurts that have live bacterial cultures to ensure that you’re taking in as much nutrients as possible.