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Sunday, August 23, 2009

aku x tido g pas sahur ne..mata x ngntok aaa...biaser la,aku mana reti tido pas da sbuh...aku sahur dgn sup ayam+nasi...da lama aku on off menda alah blog ari ne aku nk stori sket pasai skool yg aku praktikal la ne...aku mmg x sgka aku akan pilih guru as my final profession...previous work in banking pertama kali mnjejakkan kaki kat skool ne serius nervous giler aku...budak2 sumer ngok kita semacam..first day kat skool jek aku da berucap kat assembly...we introduce about ourself then our major....i got my schedule on the 1st day....shocked man coz i need to teach year 1 dat i never expected...fuh!!!class 5B was the first class i entered...the first moment i entered the class, everybody looked at me and waited whut im going to say...i asked them to introduce about this school i took 4 class;year 1,4 and year 5...both year 1 and 4 was the good class except the year 5..mostly the pupils were boys in year 5..i could saw they were looked like 'samseng' and no motivated at all to learn Math...i need to explain clearly and teach in Malay or otherwise they cannot understand..class control??agi x payah cakap la....the first 3 week i only could teach whut is perimeter...sum more i gave the simple basic basic..damn!!!they too value..sumtimes in addition they will be careless...there we 22 pupils in the class and only one who get pass (c) in mid year exam...the rest all were fail and the marks all below than so pity...they looked like not motivated at all and when asked to do some exercise..they will give 1000 excused...4+3 also its difficult to count...uarghhhhhhhhh!!!! at first i'm stressed how to make they all love math and understand that i did...a week pass by and madam always did observed , then i realised one thing..." as a teacher we cannot too high expectations..whut we can do is try our very best until there no way out..i believe if i couldn't make my pupils to become a doctor,lawyer at least i can do sumthing to make them to be a human being ..not a rubbish!!!" now i already done teach them the first satisfied when the last test UP3 half of the class get pass the test...i know there no much i did but at least they showed i realized the satisfaction and sacrifise being a teacher..and u know whut...I LOVE MY JOB now....I LOVE being a TEACHER..."TEACHER AJA"